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In 2016, 89.9 percent of wealth in the US was concentrated amongst a mere 20 percent of households.  By contrast, the bottom quintile of households saw negative wealth. This calculator projects the cost and potential for a baby bond program to address low levels of wealth ownership for many Americans and its unequal distribution. A baby bond program would endow children at birth with a grant to an interest-bearing investment vehicle or account that could be accessed at 18. The size of this grant would vary by a child's household wealth 


1) Set the size of the grant children from each household wealth quintile would receive.
2) Set the average annual rate of return you assume this bond would see over 18 years. 
3) Reveal the total cost of the estimated program in 2011 US dollars and as a percent of 2018 US GDP.
4) Consider the distributional consequences of the program.